The art of

That particular and special area is where cool alpine winds and continental climate meet. This leads to temperature variations of up to 20° between night and day. A major factor for the typical wines of elegance and freshness Southern Styria is known and loved for.

Those climatical conditions are rather challenging to work with, and are especially demanding on the steep slopes.

„The steep slopes challenge us, and nature does its part. For that reason wines are always snapshots of time. We get one chance a year to showcase the complexity and simplicity of our work.“

Hannes Sabathi

Predictability is found elsewhere.
In this world it is not enough to rely on old experiences. It’s about staying awake, observing closely and drawing the right conclusions. That is the actual beauty of this work.

It gives us the chance to fill wine bottles with the beauty, strength and termlessness of nature. As detailed, complex and authentical as possible.

“Clear thinking leads to precious insights and better decision-making. That takes time, time that people are not willing to take anymore. At the end of the day it must be us setting our watch after nature and not the other way around.“

Hannes Sabathi