Don’t ask if
you are allowed.
Rather show
what you can.

Wine was always a part of it. A part of the bigger picture in the mixed agriculture. Over the years its importance grew and Hannes put wine more and more in the spotlight. Along that way nobody interfered or interrupted, but it goes without saying that nothing comes from nothing. So in a way he built on the ideas and experiences of others, almost like standing on the shoulders of giants.

No wonder that Hannes’ inspiration came externally, from people that moved and accompanied him and were part of the maturing of his idea of wine. They are the ones that are not surprised or worried when he starts digging holes in the vineyards, for the simple reason to be closer to his vines and soils.

Successes are neither extraordinary nor mysterious. They are the result of good teamwork, special opportunities and the ability to recognise them.

„We put a lot of priority in Hannes’ creative liberty and mobility. However without a particular backing force this priority would never be possible. We are aware of that and appreciate each other for our strengths.“

Karin Sabathi

alone is
not enough.

At the age of 16 Hannes made his first wine. Already then he wanted to get to the bottom of things, to do everything correctly from being a “soil whisperer” in the vineyard to the winemaking process and finally at the mechanism of bottling. Today he knows that complex things are solved not in the sprint but in the long haul, that perfection is not everything and certainly not enough and predictability is not always a blessing.

His inner anxiety has given way for patience. Only reachable with experience, aptitude and concentration. All characters that he has perfected over the years and which have now passed into flesh, blood and wine.

“Making good wine is one of those things that are not reachable in a single life. I still want to try.“

Hannes Sabathi