For me, the most important thing is to make authentic wines that reflect their relationship to the soil, wines that can have edges and corners and, with these, show even more personality. Perhaps this style doesn´t fall in line with the “Styrian” mainstream, and may not be appreciated by everyone, but it challenges consumers to concentrate on and discuss the wines.

I was born with a love for winegrowing. But the passion for wines with character – wines that reflect the soil in which they grow – actually was nurtured in Burgundy. Again and again, my wine journeys lead me to that region. The distinctiveness of its wines and the experience of the winemakers there constantly impress me. The winemakers work with nature, have an indefatigable quest for quality and do not allow market trends to influence them. And it is exactly this attitude and approach that I want to bring to Styria.

After I completed my education in the Silberberg winegrowing school, my parents handed their entire wine business over to me in 2005 – and this lead to many changes. Today, it is important for me to bring the authentic character of origin of our wines into the bottle. I want to make wines.

Weingut Hannes Sabathi
Kranachberg 51
8462 Gamlitz
T: +43 3453 2900, F: -29