Steirische Klassik





Fruity, animated, young-drinking wines matured in stainless steel tanks.  These are vinified from the grape varieties Gelber Muskateller, Welschriesling, Weißburgunder, Morillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Scheurebe.



Sauvignon Blanc Steirische Klassik

The green pepper and elderflower aromas and flavours that are so typically reflected in   the Sauvignon Blancs of Styria – come through just as much in this wine as well. Vibrant and complex, it is somewhat reminiscent of moist, glistening Styrian summer meadows. The palate is multi-faceted with sparkling, compact Sauvignon Blanc fruit and spice.


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Welschriesling Steirische Klassik

Characteristic Welschriesling aromas of green apples with spicy hay scents and flowery notes. The palate is crisp, which, together with the vibrant acidity and the low alcohol content, make this a perfect wine for hot summer days.


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Weißburgunder Steirische Klassik

Fine, elegant tones of mandarin and pear underscored by a light spiciness are found in the nose as well as on the palate. The attractive body with elegantly integrated acidity is completed by a soft finish.


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Gelber Muskateller Steirische Klassik

Cool aromas of fresh herbs along with anise, caraway and elder come through in the nose. The palate delivers fresh herbal flavours as well, and is supported by a lively acidity structure.


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The Scheurebe has an intense, fruity bouquet exuding tones of lemon zest and gooseberries. The palate is crisp, vivid and youthfully charming.


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This year brought us a very fruity Rosé. The wine has aromas of red berries and fresh, green apples. Because of the good acidity the wine gets a very nice summerly note.


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Steirischer Mischsatz

A classic Mischsatz, which has a intense fruity aroma of green apples and berries. The lively acidity and the low alcohol content makes the Mischsatz a perfect wine for hot summerdays.



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