The Südsteiermark, or South Styria, is a wine-growing area of picture-book beauty: soft hills, steep vineyards, small forests and scatterings of fruit trees characterize the landscape.

The warm and humid climatic here, influenced by the Mediterranean sea, allows for a long vegetation period. But there are cool nights as well, and these promote the development of rich aromas that give to the grapes, especially the Sauvignon Blanc variety, an abundance of nuance and noblesse.

Wine growing in the Südsteiermark has a long tradition. Findings suggest that the Celts were making wine from wild grapes here already 2, 500 years ago. And over the centuries that followed, wine growing in the Südsteiermark encountered many highs and lows. But in the 1980s, the first true quality pioneers here began focusing on wine growing without conditions. And national as well as international success has been the result. This fundamental quality approach continues in full force today.

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